Sixth Sense Journeys    

Reverend Susan Reardon

For 25 years Susan has guided individuals into living comfortably within their own bodies and minds so that they may live a healthy lifestyle with Love and Peace within. Susan comes to every encounter with an adventurous spirit, all aspects of her intuition, Higher Guidance, years of experience, conscious awareness, wisdom and knowledge, sense of humor and joy. Susan lives her spirituality and teaches from what she has lived and experienced. She views all people holistically as multidimensional, complex energetic beings in their divine perfection. Susan is an Ordained Minister in the Non-Denominational Church, Sanctuary of the Beloved, in addition she holds a B.S. and M.A. degree in Exercise Physiology. Susan has certifications, training, and years of experience with older adults as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner, ThaiYoga Healing Arts Practitioner, and Holistic Fitness Specialist. Susan has also trained in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Style of Reiki. She became a Reiki Master in 2000 and is also certified in Integrated Energy Therapy. She also studied Body Centered Meditation with Kate Cianella utilizing the Cianella System and utilizes Kate's method of inner landscape exploration both in her own personal meditation/healing practice and in client sessions. Over the years Susan has worked in various settings, including cardiac rehabilitation, corporate fitness, adult fitness, spa and yoga programs as well as in private practice. Susan has often been referred to as a Medical Intuitive, has been a mentor for other holistic professionals and has been published in the magazine "First for Women." She is a contributing author in the book "Speaking Your Truth, Courageous Stories From Inspiring Women" and has also appeared as a fitness/yoga expert on the Dan Ho Show which had been televised on Discovery Health Channel. Currently she works in private practice, writes a holistic wellness blog, teaches Body Centered Meditation and the Umbral Heart Technique across Long Island, and is the facilitator of "The Enlightenment Games."  Susan is available to teach workshops at your studio, office, school, or home.

 The Basis For Our Work Together
     It is my knowing that in this moment, you are absolutely perfect, just as you are, as are all of your experiences, as they some how support your spiritual healing, spiritual journey, and spiritual evolution. Our work together is to bring you into alignment with that basic Truth so that you not only accept this fact as Truth but flourish and live joyously in that Knowing. You are a Spiritual being inhabiting a human body. There is a greater Truth beyond the human experience. You are in no way damaged or broken and do not need fixing. You are exactly where you need to be to take the next step on your spiritual path. It is appropriate and natural that we take steps that change the direction of our lives it is however our choice to determine the path we take. Everything is a choice. We can choose to move toward the Light or away, upstream or downstream.
     Everything happens for a reason. Everything is Light, even darkness and evil – they are just Light un-manifest. Light is Divine Energy, it is the basis of everything and is by definition a creative force in Perpetual Motion. Perpetual Motion can be resisted but not stopped, resistance to this perpetual motion is what causes blockages in our energy field. Resistance to perpetual motion through memory and thought triggers emotion. The only way to dissolve an energy blockage is to shine Light on it and move through it.
     Our primary purpose here at the Earth School is to know the Self (The Divine Within) through the self (ego) and through the process of creation, preservation and dissolution (AUM), intensify our Light here bringing more Light back to the Source upon our departure from this school. Since we are all individual, this process will be a unique one for each of us Sourcing out to Infinity. The Divine’s only wish for us is to know ourselves as Divine – Love – Joy – Peace, the rest, using our free will, we create for ourselves, fulfilling our Souls purpose, all within the context of our true and only nature, Light. Therefore, even our darkness is spiritually guided and held within the Light. At this time in our process of ascension humanity works to access the Umbra of the Heart so that we may live Heaven on Earth as we move beyond the third dimension.
The Purpose of the Body Centered Journey

     Each Soul (piece of the Divine) comes to Earth as a separate entity with a Mission, it is often described as our Life Purpose or Soul Purpose.  With our full potential tagged within the structure of our bones, we go about living our life here on earth.   It is with Divine Purpose that we are born to our parents and have the childhood experiences that we have, as they are the set up for the Mission and are integral to the completion of our Mission.  Our childhood serves as a playground for experience, as we are completely open to receiving the ground work for our Soul’s Mission when we arrive here.  We set about experiencing human life on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.  Each of those levels and experiences carries a vibration.  Along with the vibration of our Soul’s Mission, these vibrations caused by experience are processed through the bodymind.  The bodymind is a storehouse for unresolved emotion, a processing and evaluation center for thoughts, a bank in which we deposit experience, and a Temple in remembrance of our Divinity.  All aspects work together, creating vibrations so that through the Law of Attraction we attract exactly what we need in each moment to succeed in our Life Mission.  In other words, the Universe is always conspiring to help us succeed through this Universal Law.  
     Body Centered Meditation is perfectly designed for individuals whose Mission causes them to have a slightly off perception of Self at the Soul Level.  To the individual this is often perceived as a defect, although it is not a defect, and will manifest itself energetically in the bodymind, visually most apparent as a misalignment of the physical body.  This is why the body is touted as such a large source of Wisdom by so many who have gone within to thin the veil of illusion, as the very illusion plays itself out not only through our experiences and tainted observations but right within our own physical being.  
     The Soul is always aware of this misalignment even though the self is unaware.  The Soul perceives this misalignment as completely in alignment with the Divine, as it always remembers its connection to the Source and always remembers its Purpose.  The Soul remembers this misalignment is there as a tool for evolution and ascension.  
     Evolution happens within the framework of time and perceived separateness from the Source.  Evolution implies movement, All of Life is in motion and All is Alive, Human Life is perpetual motion.  Through separateness we learn and expand the Truth of who we are by observing who/what we are Not and fostering the remembrance of our Truth.  That is the purpose of separating from the Divine.  
     The misalignment as part of the Mission is orchestrated for us to ultimately experience more Love.  Working through our Soul’s Mission is all to that end, to increase our vibration of Love so that when we pass back through the veil we can bring back more of the Source to the Source.  In other words bring more Love back to Itself.
     Principles of Breath and Physical Alignment have all been created with the intention to support us on our journey by providing a physical framework, roadmap and tools to help us negotiate and find our way as we journey toward completing our Mission.  All emotional and mental energies that create stagnation and blockages within the musculature can be released through consciousness and breath.  As we release muscle (trapped emotions and mental patterns of belief) we release the bones to move toward alignment.  As we come into alignment physically, we come into alignment spiritually.  The body can be used as your guide.  Move toward physical alignment and you will move toward Spiritual Alignment with your Soul’s Purpose.
     There are many books written on the subject of the bodymind for use as a guide to your inner world, authors such as Louise Hay and Carolyn Myss do a nice job of associating body parts and diseases to mind/emotional states.  These works, in combination with detailed information about the Chakra System and your own connection to body and breath is all you need to start on your body centered journey.  Most of all, let your body be your guide, within it resides all Truth.  

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